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Meet Daniel

Age : 14

Daniel is a kind, caring and polite teenager. He is extremely respectful and though Daniel can be a bit shy and quite, once he warms up, he is easy to talk to and has a great smile. Daniel enjoys playing video games and listening to music. His favorites are playing Mario Kart and listening to Ariana Grande. Daniel cannot wait to learn how to drive. He dreams of one day owning a new car, having a large home and becoming a bus driver.



Daniel would like parents who will keep him connected to his culture and be strong role models.  He is learning to express his feelings and advocate for himself, which is a big step for him. Daniel loves animals and would like to have a dog. He gets along easily with others and would like to have older siblings.



Daniel has experienced a great deal of loss but remains optimistic and hopeful for his future. Daniel has many people who care about him so supporting his connections with family and friends is very important. He would do well in a family that will offer lots of love, encouragement and guidance as he continues to grow and explore his individuality. He is sure to bring joy to any family.



Photograph by

Amanda Stephens

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