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Meet Denashia

Age : 10

Denashia is a beautiful little girl with a smile that can brighten anyone’s day.  Her favorite color is pink and she enjoys climbing, music and “voguing.”  She loves watching Frozen and Fuller House and her favorite food is peperoni pizza.  If Denashia could choose a super power, it would be flying high.  If she could be any animal in the word, she would be a cat because they are “Cute and cuddly.”  Denashia wants to be a teacher when she grows up.


When asked the best thing about being Denashia, she responded, “I’m a queen.”  This little queen needs a patient and committed family that will nurture, accept and embrace her for who is she.  She is very resillient and needs a family to love her as she heals.  Denashia would do best with a family that is active, has a sense of humor and a lot of love to give.


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Photograph by

Margery Squier & Ron Manahan

The Squier Group

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