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Meet Deyton

Age : 11

Deyton is 11 years old and is active and energetic.  He is well mannered and friendly.  He enjoys playing sports and doing things with his hands.  He likes anything that he can build mechanically or assemble and enjoys playing with Legos.  Deyton is very smart and his favorite subject at school is Math.  Deyton wants to be a scientist or inventor when he grows up.

Deyton’s favorite color is blackish gold and his favorite food is spaghetti.  He loves music and his favorite artist is Meatloaf.  He also enjoys watching movies and his favorite movie is “Pirates of the Caribbean.”  Some of his favorite things to do include playing video games, riding his skateboard at the skate park and going to the beach boogie boarding in the ocean.

Deyton has been through a great deal of trauma and loss in his young life.  He would do best in a family that would foster his talents and build his self-esteem.  He needs a committed family that won’t give up on him when the times get hard.  Deyton has three other siblings who he is very close with and needs a family that will support his sibling connections and connection to his current foster family and extended family. 

Deyton is a remarkable and resilient young man.  He deserves a family where he can heal and thrive.  Are you ready for Deyton to join your family? 

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