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Harmany & Hope & Ezequiel & Emma

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Harmany & Hope & Ezequiel & Emma

Harmany, Hope, Ezequiel & Emma

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Meet Harmany

Age : 10

This sibling group of four love each other very much.  Harmany and Hope are very protective of their younger siblings and they look out for them. These siblings love animals of all kinds but especially small dogs. 


Harmany, age nine, is a very sweet and friendly child. She has a great sense of humor. Harmany enjoys watching YouTube videos and playing games on her tablet. Harmany does well in school and has a good relationship with her teacher. 


Meet Hope

Age : 8

​Hope, age seven, is a sweet, funny, and a very creative young girl. Hope loves unicorns and princesses. She enjoys engaging in imaginative play. Some of Hope’s favorite things to do include dancing, singing, and playing with her stuffed animals. 


Meet Ezequiel

Age : 6

​Ezequiel is five years old; he attends kindergarten and enjoys school. Ezequiel loves playing outdoors riding his scooter or bicycle. He is learning new sports such as soccer and baseball.   


Meet Emma

Age : 3

Emma loves dancing, singing and playing with her siblings. As any other 3 years old, she enjoys to run around and play outdoors. She has a smile that lights up a room.


These bonded siblings would do best in an active home that is committed to them and supportive of their cultural identity. All four children are bi-lingual; they speak English and Spanish. They are in need of a forever family who can support their connection to their Hispanic and African American cultures.  Most importantly, they are in need of an adoptive family who can be supportive of keeping their connections to extended family members and other important people in their lives. This sibling group would do best with an energetic and fun family who is committed to meeting the needs of all four siblings. Are you ready to be their family?  

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