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Intallect & Knolledge


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Meet Intallect

Age : 14

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This is a sibling set of two sisters. They enjoy each other’s company and have a special sibling bond. Although they are not currently residing together, we are searching for a family that could provide a home for both girls so that they can grow up together as siblings. 
Intallect (who prefers to be called Inta) is a happy and sweet 11 year old girl. She is slow to warm up to unfamiliar people, but once she warms up, you better be ready because her fun and bold personality shines through. Inta enjoys singing, gardening, and outdoor activities in the community. 



Meet Knolledge

Age : 12

Knolledge (who prefers to be called Knolly) is an active 9 year old who is personable and spunky the minute you meet her. She is well liked by her peers and teachers at school due to her positive attitude and great energy. Knolly is a good student in school and enjoys reading. Although Knolly uses a wheelchair for mobility, she does not let her challenges limit her. Knolly is a proud little girl who appreciates the little things and loves life. 
These bonded siblings need a family that can provide fun, enriching activities that support their interests. The children would benefit from a family that is active, nurturing, and can advocate for the children’s medical, social and educational needs. 

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