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Meet Jamon

Age : 17

Jamon is a unique and expressive sixteen-year-old. Typical of teenage behaviors, Jamon can present as mature and self-confident one moment and somewhat shy the next. However once he gets to know you, he is a joy to be around. He is very aware of and sensitive to the moods of others and is a great conversationalist.


Jamon is in the 11th  grade and has made great progress in school. He is also working on getting a job and learning to be more independent. He enjoys learning new make-up techniques, wearing make-up, posting videos and pictures to his Instagram account and all things Kardashian.


Jamon has resided in a residential care setting for much of his life and is ready to experience the love and care of a family. Jamon has stated that he wants a parent that will share in the things he loves to do, such as going shopping, taking photos and doing makeup. Jamon would do well in a family that can give him a lot of attention and provide guidance and support as he grows into adulthood.  


Photograph by

Ron Manahan

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