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Meet Jayden

Age : 3

Jayden is an adorable boy. He enjoys naps and stroller walks in in the outdoors and strongly dislikes bath time. Jayden has developmental delays but has recently begun working with an in-home teacher to address them. Jayden is non-ambulatory but is able to open his eyes and move his arms and legs slightly.  Jayden is not very active but is happiest being cuddled in the arms of his caregiver.


Jayden has medical and developmental needs that will require a lot of care, time and devotion. Jayden needs a committed family that will nurture him and give him the individual attention and love he deserves.  He would do best in a family that can devote the time and attention needed to help him make progress in reaching his developmental milestones.             




Photograph by

Margery Squire

Squire Group Photography

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