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Meet Jessica

Age : 10

Jessica is a cheerful and adorable little girl. She is sweet, kind, loving and enjoys giving and getting hugs. Jessica has a great imagination and adores music, singing and dancing. She enjoys doing art related projects. Animals are therapeutic for Jessica, as it brings her great satisfaction to help take care of the animals. Jessica is very smart and excels at school. She loves to learn and works well independently. Her favorite subject at school is Math and although she misses being at school she has done really well learning from home.   


Jessica has been through a great deal in her young life and unfortunately has had many different homes. Jessica has three siblings that she is closely bonded to and misses not being with them. It is important for Jessica to find an adoptive family who can be supportive of her sibling connections as well as connections to other important people in her life. She would do best in a trauma informed, nurturing and committed family who will support her and be the healing, therapeutic parent that she needs. Jessica is an amazing young girl and any family would be lucky to call her their daughter.   

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