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Joseph AKA Joey

I am available, but not quite ready !

Meet Joseph

Age : 13

Joseph, also known as, Joey, is a great kid. He can be shy when you first meet him but once he gets to know you, his personality shines through. He is talkative, funny and active. His favorite activities include practicing Tae Kwon Do and visiting amusement parks with his friends.  Joey also loves California burritos and boasts that he knows everything about his favorite movie series, Star Wars.


Despite a number of disappointments in his young life, Joey remains optimistic and positive about his future. He believes that if he sets his mind to it, he can accomplish anything. He aspires to one day join the Navy so that he will have the opportunity to serve and protect his county.


Joey needs a family that will offer love, patience and remain committed to him as he continues to make positive strides in his behavior. It would also be important that his adoptive family be supportive of keeping him connected to his younger siblings.

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