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Meet Ke'Shawn

Age : 16

Ke’shawn is a unique individual with a great smile and a positive attitude. He is very confident and likes to look his best. Ke’shawn can also be very sensitive and introspective. He is easy to talk to and gets along well with everyone.


Ke’shawn enjoys singing, dancing and playing several different sports. His favorites include basketball, football and bowling. He enjoys eating carne asada fries and he loves Cheez-its. He is very caring and wants to get a job helping people who are homeless when he is older.


Ke’shawn would do best in a home with a very patient and loving family. He will need a family that is willing to accept him as he is and help him grow. Ke’shawn has experienced a great deal of loss in his life. He deserves a family that will always be there for him. Ke’shawn also has contact with his older siblings and will need a family that is supportive of maintaining those relationships.


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Photograph by

Jon Silver of Silver Imagery, LLC

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