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I am available, but not quite ready !

Meet La'Heaven

Age : 11

La’Heaven is a beautiful young lady with a big heart.  She loves singing and dancing.  She is passionate about music, dance and enjoys attending church.  She is playful, positive & energetic.  La’Heaven has great leadership skills and does well at school.


La’Heaven has had a lot of changes and grief and loss in the last couple of years.  La’Heaven wants a new beginning with a family to call her own. 


La’Heaven wants a stable family to give her unconditional love and to stick with her through thick and thin.  She wants a family where she is the only child or the youngest child as she craves and needs lots of attention and affection.  La’Heaven loves dogs and would like to be in a family that has dogs or would allow her to have a dog of her own.  La’Heaven is a wonderful girl who would be a blessing to any family.           



Photograph by

Margery Squier & Ron Manahan

The Squier Group 

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