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Meet Mary

Age : 15

Mary is a sweet girl with a great smile that will warm the hearts of those around her.  Mary is currently preparing for 9th grade and her favorite subject is Language Arts.  She loves to play with animals, especially dogs and horses. Mary enjoys coloring and playing with stuffed animals and dolls.  She also loves to cook and one of her favorite foods is Macaroni and Cheese.  Mary loves watching and singing along with Disney movies.  Mary participates in a ceramics class and enjoys creating masterpieces with her hands.  She has also started playing Basketball. 


Mary is in need of a loving family that is patient, kind, and trauma- responsive.  She will need a family that has the ability to see the dignity and worth of every human being.  Mary would do best in a home where she is the youngest member of the family.  If youth are present in the home, they would need to be mature and responsible.  Mary would love to be with a family that has a dog and that will commit to her, accept her, and care for her in the way that she deserves. 

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