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I am available, but not quite ready !

Meet Matthew

Age : 11

Matthew is an engaging boy who enjoys school and sports. He earns great grades and loves reading and math. He practices the martial art, Aikido, and enjoys playing football, baseball and soccer. Some of his favorite activities are playing video games, Pokemon cards, listening to music, and watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Matthew is smart, engaging, and insightful and would thrive in a family who supports him and encourages him to achieve.

Matthew would do best in a loving family that is active and supportive. He would thrive in a family that celebrates his successes and makes him feel special. He needs an adoptive family that is loyal, caring, and will cheer him on to victory. Matthew needs an adoptive family that is open and supportive of him continuing contact with his siblings.

Photograph by
Margery Squier & Ron Manahan
The Squier Group

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