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I am available, but not quite ready !

Meet Mia

Age : 11

Mia is still in need of a forever home.  Due to Mia's specific needs and services, we are seeking a local placement in San Diego County.  We are also seeking experienced trauma- informed resource parents to meet the needs of Mia.  At the moment, Mia is not ready to transition into a family setting; however, the County of San Diego is accepting the inquiries of those interested in providing permanency to Mia.


Mia is a spunky and energetic girl who enjoys playing outside, swimming and singing. Mia’s favorite movies are Avatar and ET, and likes singing along to Bruno Mars and Meghan Trainer. Mia also enjoys school. Some of her favorite subjects are math, writing, art, and recess. 


When she grows up, Mia wants to be a veterinarian at SeaWorld. Mia said that if she could be any animal she would be beaver because they build houses and have big tails. If she could have any super power it would be Ice Making, Spider-Girl, or Flower Powers. Her favorite colors are baby blue and purple.


Mia's favorite holidays are Christmas and Valentine's Day. She enjoys going to the swimming pool and beach over the summer. Mia said she wants a forever family who is nice and will provide her with delicious food every day.   


Mia is in need of a patient family who has experience working with children who have experienced trauma. She is seeking a family that will support all of her dreams and go along with her on her adventures for the rest of her life.  


If you currently reside in San Diego County, we encourage you to apply and complete the Resource Family Approval process, as there are many Exceptional Children , including Mia, who are still in need of a loving forever home. For more information, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.


Photograph by 
Margery Squier & Ron Manahan 
The Squier Group

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