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Meet Na'Lyhia

Age : 6

Na’Lyhia is an adorable and energetic 5 year old little girl. Her infectious smile will light up your heart in an instant. She is constantly on the move and loves watching and learning from other children.


Na’Lyhia is non-verbal and communicates most often by pointing, blowing “raspberries” and through very expressive facial expressions. She has several medical and developmental needs, but is making progress in learning to use sign language, and increasing her ability to walk. Although she can be a little unsteady on her feet, she loves to hold your hand and walk around. She is constantly making good strides in all avenues of development. Na’Lyhia can be a bit timid when trying new things but with encouragement can accomplish anything.


This sweet girl needs a loving, affectionate and committed family to provide her with a home where she can learn, grown and thrive.


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Photograph by:

Amanda Stephens

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