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Meet Namowa

Age : 12

Namowa is an adorable little guy whose infectious laugh will melt your heart. Though Namowa is non-verbal, he is very expressive and is able to communicate his emotions, wants and needs through sounds, facial expressions and gestures.

Namowa enjoys the bus ride to school and is constantly making his teachers laugh with his great personality. He uses a wheelchair but is making great strides in being able to walk with assistance. He loves to play with his toys and though he is partially blind, he especially likes toys with sounds and bright lights.

Namowa will need a caregiver who will be comfortable learning about and meeting his extensive medical needs. He would do well in a family where he has lots of interaction with other children or adults. It will take a special family to meet all of his needs, however with the right match he is sure to bring endless joy to his forever family.


To watch Namowa's Adopt 8 clip, CLICK HERE.

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