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Rose & Christopher & Joshua

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Rose & Christopher & Joshua

Rose, Christopher & Joshua

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Meet Rose

Age : 17

Rose is a beautiful teenage girl with a spunky personality made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Her talents and hobbies are versatile. She has a passion for writing, mathematics, and basketball. She is great at making friends and is doing very well in school. Rose is interested in attending college and pursuing a career in law enforcement when she grows up.

Meet Christopher

Age : 13

Christopher is an 11-year old boy whose caregiver describes him as thoughtful, funny and helpful around the home. In his free time, Christopher enjoys playing video games, playing his guitar and spending time with friends or his siblings. Christopher makes friends easily and is very loving once he trusts you. He does well at school and is well liked by his teachers and peers.  Christopher is interested in science and is specifically interested in robots and doing science experiments.

Meet Joshua

Age : 11

Joshua is a 9-year old friendly and caring boy who puts others needs before his own. Joshua enjoys playing outside with his friends and building various things, such as a fort or playing competitive sports. Joshua enjoys going out to eat and to different activities in the community. 


This bonded sibling group has lived apart for many years. It is their dream to have a forever family where they can live together as brothers and sisters every day; something that so many siblings take for granted. Open your home and hearts to this amazing sibling group and make their dreams come true!


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