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Meet Shamar

Age : 10

Shamar is an observant, shy young boy who enjoys visiting new places. He loves learning new things and playing games that challenge him. He is competitive, but courteous if and when he doesn’t win.  If you are yearning to share your love and knowledge with a young person, Shamar is the perfect child to be the sponge that soaks that up. While he is shy and quiet at first, he is silly and excited to engage when he realizes he can trust.  Shamar is generous young boy who likes to share his toys with others. He loves going to the zoo and being around animals such as horses, goats, and dogs.


Shamar would do well with a family that is consistent and able to lovingly redirect his behaviors. Shamar has expressed that he wants to be part of a family with other kids, along with pets, that he can play with in the home.

Shamar wants to learn how to swim, ride a bike and skateboard. Shamar would do well with a patient family that can provide him with a lot of individualized attention and can meet his emotional needs. He is so deserving of a forever family who will nurture and love him.


To watch Shamar's Fostering Hope Story, CLICK HERE.


Photograph by

Margery Squire

Squire Group Photography



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