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Shannel & Shantel & Alice & Gilnoel

Shannel, Shantel, Alice, Gilnoel

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Meet Shannel & Shantel

Age : 6

Shannel, Shantel, Alice & Gilnoel Jr. are a sweet, funny, active and bonded sibling group.  These beautiful children have smiles that will melt your heart. 


These siblings love watching movies, singing and dancing together.  They enjoy playing outdoors and being in nature.  They are always happy, energetic and talkative.  Their favorite foods are pizza, salad and tacos.  


These bonded siblings would do best with a two-parent family, preferably with one parent who stays home as they have a lot of needs and appointments.    They would do best with an active, energetic, and fun family who is committed to meeting the needs of all four siblings.  They have an older half-sibling who they visit quite often.  They need a family who is open to maintaining this sibling connection. 



Photograph by Margery Squier

The Squier Group


Meet Alice

Age : 4

Meet Gilnoel

Age : 3

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