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Meet Tatiana

Age : 14

Tatiana is a precocious and energetic teen. She is very friendly and outgoing. Tatiana enjoys school, art and shopping, especially at Target. She is a great advocate for herself and is very direct about her wants and needs.


Tatiana uses a wheelchair to get around. Tatiana has medical needs that require care by a specialized team of medical providers. She needs assistance with many of her daily needs and loves to receive lots of attention. Tatiana has expressed that she would like a family with parents who will take her shopping, do her hair and do fun activities with her on the weekends. Her wish list for a family includes being the only child and being part of a black/African American family. However, Tatiana agrees that she would like to be part of any family that is a good fit for her and would be willing to maintain her cultural connections.


Tatiana would do well in a family that is able to provide her with a lot of individualized attention. It will take a special family to meet her needs but we know the right family it out there. She deserves to be part of a loving home!


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Photograph by

Ron Manahan

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